The return……

October 16, 2012

Caused by those two little words that makes you stop in your tracks….. “Uh Oh”….. Im telling yall, its a lifelong thing to deal with thing called self awareness. *Sigh*, after losing 103 lbs, you would think you would have it down right? *charlie murphy voice* wrong…. Its just as hard to maintain. None the less, its something you have to do.

Been awhile since I talked to yall about weight-loss……I dont know how this will go.

Oooooo On the Bonna B tip: You cant do it by yourself. I realized that I can not motivate myself.. (yall should hear the convos in my head….) Find a partner that holds your feet to the fire. Im searching. I will let yall know.


Status Update

March 21, 2011

Good Afternoon my bloggers and blogettes.  I just wanted to take some time and tell you whats going on with me.  Man…..

So, after about 14,15 Months I reached the land mark weight of 231 lbs.  For those that have been reading from the jump, that equals 100 lbs lost.  So many things have changed for in this past year and half.  Ultimately, it was eating habits that have changed the most.  The funny thing is, I feel the same.  now instead of eating to cover up my issues I DON’t eat but the issues have gone NOWHERE.  Through this whole process I’ve learned and am still learning to deal with myself.  Size doesnt matter. Weight doesnt matter. Love matters.  One of the best quotes just popped in my head from one of the most ridiculous places of our life time.  “Be good yourself and each other”….. In the end its all that really matters… Not food.


For the First Time I Understand

October 27, 2010

One of the things about Bonna is that he tries to remain cool under pressure.  For the most part, the average acquaintance of his rarely knows how many things he is juggling at any given moment.  He tries his best to make everyone he comes in contact with feel like they are the only thing that matters at that time.  This is, of course, just an outsiders perspective.  Even the best sometimes are piled up on.

Thank you narrator.  Yesterday was the first time in a while that I felt like I was an octopus and my hands were into everything.  However, I did decide to take a kick-boxing class for my daily exercise.  Mind you, I had always heard people say that exercise helps with stress relief, but personally, I had never felt the instant gratification of going in feeling kinda stressed and walking out relieved.  Well I must say that yesterday it finally happened. I was jabbing, hooking, kneeing and upper-cutting myself to a better place.  Although I was physically tired after the class, my mental space seemed more organized.   After a bowl of soup, I had my plan of attack.  I seemed more productive.  Thanks kick to the face!

Ooooo on the Bonna B tip:  I think you may know this one.  Make time for some physical activity.  It works wonders!

You can do it!:  Something is better than nothing!


Burpee Challenge

October 21, 2010

So I’m starting a burpee challenge at work.  I would like to extend it to my followers if your interested.  The challenge is to do 1 burpee on day 1 and increase the total completed by 1 each subsequent day.  It will be a 60-day challenge. Yup you guessed it…. on day 60 you will be doing 60 burpees, the day after you completed 59 burpees.  Not too hard but challenging indeed.  If you don’t know what a burpee is click here.  It will mostly be the honor system if you decide to try it.  (remember you are only cheating yourself).  No big prize or anything at the end  but your body will thank you if you complete it.

Ooooo on the Bonna B tip:  Do a burpee challenge!

You can do it!:  Building up to that new you!


Its Been a Year Since…..

October 18, 2010

Two things:

First.  I gave up cheesesteaks last year to prove to myself that I could control my food impulses.  It has been more than a year since I ate the remaining half of a friend Dee’s cheesesteak.  It had mustard, onions and lettuce I think.  I still remember how good it tasted.  I ♥ cheesesteaks!  KCHOP and I had our three-year anniversary celebration this weekend.  In conjunction with that, we decided to celebrate our weight loss with a very special treat… CHEESESTEAKS.  We drove up to Philly and managed to obtain a cheesesteak that had: Kobe beef, butter poached lobster, truffles and some special cheese that was $30 per pound.  That was worth waiting for!  The sandwich also came with a bottle of Moet…

Second. Its been a year since the perfect storm hit. I cannot partner with JW as it would be futile because the purpose of the challenge is not to win, but to motivate others to lose weight.  The trainers at the gym said I should partner with someone who needs motivation.  WOW, a year ago I would have never believed I would be playing the role of the motivator.  But, if that is what the next person needs, then I’m all for it!

Ooooo on the Bonna B tip:Remember to reward yourself.  You are human and you deserve to have some good stuff every once in a while.

You can Do it!:  Patience is a key ingredient in weight loss.  Develop it NOW!!!!!


Things Change People Change

October 14, 2010

What do you do when the one constant in your weight loss pursuit LEAVES?!?!?  The person you can almost always count on being there?  THE INSTRUCTOR!  The one who told you to get your butt back in class.  The one who knew when you were fake strugglin so they would cut down on your reps.  The one you hide behind the pillar so they don’t see you taking a break in class.  It seems like the only constant in everything is CHANGE.  She is moving back to Boston, Mass.  I am sad.  However, I think she has helped instill in me accountability to myself.  It’s so important to work on the inside while working on the outside folks.  We all need a support system, but as sure as the sky is blue (grey today) they have their own lives to live.  So you better know how to motivate yourself.  Thanks Jillian.

Ooooo on the Bonna B tip:  Wendy’s Pecan Apple Chicken Salad is pretty good! now in 1/2 sizes to be paired with a potato or chili…..YUM!

You can Do It!:  Push!!!!!



October 12, 2010

It is simply amazing how much good music can change your attitude about working out.  Maybe its just me, but sometimes I go to aerobic classes for the music.  I tell ya, this morning at 6:45 am  there are only a few places that I would rather be than in the hardest spin class of my life.  But the music makes it all worth it!  Maybe its a diversionary tactic used by good instructors.  Maybe she enjoys the music as much as I do (rumor has it that she is a DJ).  Whatever it is we all benefit.  Kudos!

Ooooo on the Bonna B Tip:  Find a way to incorporate something that you absolutely love into your fitness schedule, it will make it less evil!

You can do it:  The emphasis is on DO IT:  D – Discover your interest and options, O – Obtain and organize your information, I – Identify your goal and Implement a plan, T – Take action and take stock!